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Hotline: We Listen 24-7

Thank you for listening to things I never told anyone.

Our highly trained and supervised volunteer counselors and staff are available 24-7 at 800-841-8371 to talk with survivors, their families and friends, and providers about sexual violence.

We take calls from people in all stages of their experience. This could be immediately after an assault or years and even decades into the healing process. Our counselors provide emotional support and  help survivors with building coping skills. They also offer referrals to services and explain the resources available, including an advocate meeting you at the hospital for a sexual assault exam, accessing our individual and group counseling, and more. Our goal is empowering the people that call our hotline and making sure they have the information and support they need in their path to healing. 

You don't have to be in crisis to call our hotline. You can reach it 24-1 at 800-841-8371. People with hearing disabilities can use Mass Relay

What a hotline counselor can do for you or a loved one

  • Help you understand your options
  • Listen to you and provide support for your needs in the moment
  • Support you any time in the healing process
  • Get you access to services at BARCC and in your community

Who are BARCC hotline counselors?

Hotline counselors are trained rape crisis counselors. They answer over 3,700 calls a year from survivors; their friends, partners, and families; and community members affected by sexual violence. They also speak with providers and professionals working with survivors, such as youth workers, guidance counselors, medical staff, and others. 

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