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Dedicated to healing. Advocating for change.

Our mission is to end sexual violence. We empower survivors of sexual violence to heal and provide education and advocacy for the social change needed to prevent sexual violence. Our 24-7 hotline is always open: 800-841-8371. Get Help

Historic Highlights: BARCC’s Founding

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center started with a needs assessment. In the fall of 1972, a group of women in the Greater Boston area began looking for resources for survivors of sexual violence. They found…

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graphic of the quote: it is about stopping violence before it happens

How to Be an Active Bystander 101

With the international conversation focused on #MeToo/#YoTambien/#BalanceTonPorc and issues of sexual violence, more people are looking for solutions to put an end to sexual harassment and assault. Luckily,…

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Increasing Access for Survivors with Disabilities

Reaching out for help can be difficult. For survivors with disabilities, there can be even more obstacles. Learn how we work to ensure survivors with disabilities get the support they need.

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