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Dedicated to healing. Advocating for change.

Our mission is to end sexual violence. We empower survivors of sexual violence to heal and provide education and advocacy for the social change needed to prevent sexual violence. Our 24-7 hotline is always open: 800-841-8371. Get Help
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#MeToo? #HeresWhatToDo

Like nearly everyone else, we watched in amazement as the #MeToo movement took hold on social media. On Sunday, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to tweet out #MeToo if they had experienced sexual…

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A film crew sets up in a school hallway

Casting Call: Play a Role in the Movement to End Sexual Violence

BARCC’s Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) is filming a short video that will be shown in our educational workshops and shared through our online platforms. The video will portray everyday situations like…

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Venn diagram, with purple circle that says Sexual Violence overlapping with orange circle that says Substance Addiction

Substance Addiction and Sexual Violence

Learn how BARCC is working to support survivors struggling with substance use and addiction.

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