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Mission and History


The mission of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) is to end sexual violence through healing and social change. 


The second oldest rape crisis center in the country, BARCC was founded in 1973 in the Cambridge Women's Center by a group of volunteers and survivors dedicated to building a hotline to answer calls from rape survivors. The engagement of community volunteers remains a critical strategy in achieving BARCC's mission. One of the other key strategies for achieving BARCC’s  mission is the recruitment and retention of outstanding talent in our internship program and staff and bold partnerships to facilitate change.   

In April 2009, BARCC received the National Crime Victim Service Award from the Department of Justice. Today, we are a national leader in providing comprehensive, free services for survivors of sexual violence as well as educating organizations and communities about sexual violence response and prevention. In the field, BARCC is known for staying at the leading edge of change by listening to the diversity of survivors and families that seek services, working to grow and innovate for improved outcomes for survivors, and managing resources for stability and planned growth impact.

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