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Mission, Vision, and Values

A group of BARCC staffers in front of colorful mural


The mission of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) is to end sexual violence through healing and social change. 


Sexual violence thrives when people exploit power over others. Our vision is a society free of all forms of oppression, and therefore sexual violence does not exist. In this world, people only engage in sexual activity with their full will, happiness, and consent. Everyone is free to go about their daily lives knowing that their bodies, identities, minds, and spirits will always be valued and respected.


Our values direct how we do our work of healing and social change.

BARCC's values, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Collaborating handsCollaboration: We can best support survivors and prevent sexual violence when many different people and organizations come together, learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge, and create solutions together. We know that collaboration is not always easy, but we believe that it results in more effective change.

Community group of people iconCommunity Accountability: All communities and the institutions and organizations within them are responsible for preventing sexual violence. We provide information and skills to help them create and maintain environments that support survivors, encourage community action, and hold offenders accountable.

Hand holding heartEmpowering Survivors: We’ve learned from survivors that healing and justice look different for everyone, and we support each survivor’s journey. We understand that choice is about knowing what options are available, having your choices respected, and having the resources to be able to make the choices you want. Therefore, we honor survivors’ choices whenever we can and advocate to increase options available to survivors.

Purple and orange lightbulbInnovation: We invest time and resources to learn, reflect on our work, share and receive feedback, and gather data to develop improved, creative, and groundbreaking solutions to support survivors and prevent sexual violence.

Orange and purple raised handsSocial Justice: Sexual violence is fueled by all forms of oppression, and we strive to make that link visible, so it can be effectively addressed. We explore these connections and work toward equity for all people. As individuals in the BARCC community, we examine our attitudes and are open to learning and change. As an agency, we create space to learn about oppression and examine how power dynamics and biases may affect our decisions, structures, and interactions.

Purple ring with orange heart outline in middleSurvivor Centered: BARCC was founded by survivors, and survivors are the core of our work. We know that survivors use BARCC services, live in communities we serve, and volunteer and work at BARCC. We actively learn and gather information from survivors, which we use to shape our services and the messages we provide to the community.

Orange and purple BARCC sproutThriving Workplace: We know that staff and volunteers who are supporting survivors and working to end sexual violence can experience vicarious trauma. Our policies reflect organizational practices that include competitive compensation and benefits, high quality supervision, and opportunity for staff and volunteers to grow as leaders, in order to support the health and wellness of our BARCC community.

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