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Counseling: Find Your Path to Healing

My counselor was there for me when nobody around me understood what I was going through.

We provide short-term individual, couples, family, and group counseling with trained counselors for survivors and their families and friends. We work with survivors and their loved ones to find their strengths, to understand the impact of trauma on their lives, to build and use coping skills, and to explore ways to heal and thrive.

What a counselor can do for you

If you have experienced sexual violence, you are not alone. Many people feel the effects, off and on, for a long time. Counseling can help you find your path to healing, whether your trauma happened recently or in the past. You can come in to talk with a counselor once or work with them counselor over time.

What services do counselors provide?

  • Individual counseling for survivors
  • Individual counseling for friends and family of survivors (we want you to be supported so you can better support the person you care about)
  • Couple counseling for survivors and their partners
  • Family counseling for families impacted by sexual violence
  • Counseling groups for survivors and their families, partners, friends, etc.
  • Consultation for professionals

Who are BARCC counselors?

All of our counselors are trained rape crisis counselors and professional counselors.  BARCC counselors are uniquely helpful to survivors because they have specialized training. They work with hundreds of clients in more than 2,500 sessions each year. Experienced, nonjudgmental counselors understand that you know what’s best for you and help you to work toward your goals.

BARCC’s counseling services are free and confidential to people ages 12 and older. All programs are offered in English and Spanish. If you need services in another language, please let us know, and accommodations will be made for additional languages. 

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