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Historic Highlights: Formalizing BARCC’s Youth Initiative

BARCC’s work with youth began with the founding. From the beginning, teenagers called the hotline and volunteers held workshops and speaking engagements at schools. But the formalization of the youth initiative didn’t come until later. One of the first regularly occurring youth programs was a class at a school in Chelsea around 2008. S Read More

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Media: Massachusetts Activists Fight Battle for Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools

This week, the Rainbow Times reported on the status of the Healthy Youth Act, which would "mandate that public school districts offering sex education curricula expand their courses to provide more in-depth information on a range of issues related to sex, relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexually transmit Read More

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Youth Leadership Corps: Sexual Violence Takes Many Forms

Last year, BARCC's Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) thought up a series of PSA videos that address youths' role in the mission to end sexual violence. They've worked on those videos with the Tranformative Culture Project: creating story boards, writing scripts, and even acting. The latest video, "Sexual Violence Takes Many Forms," port Read More

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You Are a Gift to Your Child

An interview with Shadi Johnston, LMHC This Mother’s Day, we honor all the mothers out there who are survivors of sexual violence. We sat down with Shadi Johnston—our senior clinician and Clinical Intern Program manager, as well as a mother of three herself—to talk about her work with mothers. In your work with survivors, how ha Read More

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Protecting Transgender Students

You may have seen recent reports about the new federal administration reversing Obama-era guidance on protections for transgender students, including regarding bathroom access. In the following interview, BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella breaks down the developments and how they are related to BARCC’s work supporting all survivors of Read More

The Next Generation of Leaders against Sexual Violence

If the onslaught of media coverage of sexual assault has you discouraged, we have an antidote. It comes in the form of 10 young people, all members of BARCC's innovative Youth Leadership Corps (YLC). These youth are the next generation of leaders in the movement to end sexual violence. Created in 2015 as part of the Youth Access to Support and Read More

Announcing Teen Drop-In Sessions

Come to one of our teen drop-in sessions, learn more about BARCC, and explore how to get connected with our services. You can meet with a BARCC counselor on a first-come, first-served basis.   When Every Wednesday, 5:00–6:00 p.m. Where BARCC's Cambridge office, 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139 Questions Read More

Urgent Support for Youth Survivors: Call Your Legislators!

We need your urgent help to support youth survivors of sexual violence. We just learned that in Massachusetts state budget negotiations, vital funding for Youth at Risk Programs has been cut. What this means to us: fewer resources for youth survivors of sexual violence. Please contact your legislators (find them here) to demand that this funding be Read More

Whose Stories Matter: A Look at the Responses to Chris Brown

As I am sure many of you have read or seen on social media, Chris Brown discussed his first sexual experience in a recent interview with The Guardian. “He lost his virginity when he was eight years old, to a local girl who was 14 or 15. Seriously? ‘Yeah, really. Uh-huh.’ He grins and chuckles. ‘It's different in the cou Read More

Homelessness and Youth: Impacts and How YOU Can Help!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a survivor speaker event put on by the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance.  First a staff member gave the audience a framework in which to think about homelessness and those who are impacted.  Then we heard from two young adults who experienced homelessness as part of their youth.  Listening Read More

Boy Scouts voting on allowing open gay youth: A step that is just not far enough

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are having an overdue vote at a conference today and tomorrow.  They will be voting as to whether to allow openly gay youth to be in their troops across the country.  Previously the ruling was that each troop was able to make its own decision about whether to include or disclude openly gay youth.  Real Read More

Support Girl Scouts Policy to Accept ALL Girls

It is Girl Scout Cookie time! Countless people, myself included, count down to this season so that we can get our fill of Thin Mints, Samoas, and the many other kinds of cookies.  This year, a girl scout, Taylor, has decided to push a campaign to boycott Girl Scout cookie sales because Girl Scout USA (GSUSA) allows transgender girls into their Read More

An Impression of MissRepresentation

I was on a panel for a screening of the MissRepresentation film yesterday at Northeastern.  It was a great film, and I recommend that you watch it if you can find a screening in your area.  The director, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, created the film to explore whether girls and women have better experiences and representation in the US than th Read More

Shifting the Focus

The latest topic that has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter is the ‘Amber Cole’ scandal.  I am deeply disturbed and appalled at the treatment of this story by the public in general, the news media, and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.  People are incredibly focused on why a 14-year-old girl would Read More