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It’s About More than Vacations

Self-Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence Did you find yourself overwhelmed or triggered by the social media avalanche of #MeToo? Are you feeling stressed by work, neverending to-do lists, and chores? Sounds like it’s time for some self-care. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to book a fancy vacation or trip to the spa. Some peo Read More

Screenshot from website of Office for Victims of Crime The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

Beyond Bubble Baths

For years, the concept of “self-care” has been promoted as a way that workers can sustain themselves while helping people who have experienced trauma. At BARCC, we look for every opportunity to support our team members, and we encourage taking walks, getting coffee or snacks, working out—and all of the things we can and should do Read More

Webinar on Vicarious Trauma

Calling all providers working with survivors of sexual violence! Do you want to better understand vicarious trauma and explore ways to develop resiliency and healthy coping skills? Tune into a webinar this Thursday featuring Vanessa Siebald, our senior bilingual clinician.  What: National TeleNursing Center Webinar on Vicarious Trau Read More

Unplugging from Technology

One of the things that I really enjoy about BARCC is how we check in with each other to make sure that we are practicing proper boundaries outside of the office.  For instance, when I sent an e-mail to a co-worker at 11pm on Tuesday she commented on how I should not be working at that hour when she responded the following morning.  She Read More

RACISM & MALE PRIVILEGE: Breaking the Silence after George Zimmerman’s Acquittal

Like many, I’ve been experiencing a host of feelings and reactions to Saturday’s verdict. Sadness. Anger. Fear. Disgust. Rage. Hopelessness. Exhaustion. In the wake of the Voting Rights Act, Abortion Rights, Affirmative Action, Indian Child Welfare Act, and Immigration Reform, I was not surprised when I heard the toll of that “not Read More

The Importance of Self-Care

A dialogue that is often heard in anti-sexual violence field is around the concept and importance of self-care.  It’s been present in each of the volunteer trainings I have been a part of both as an incoming volunteer or as a facilitator.  It’s been a part of conversations between myself and colleagues and also with supervisor Read More

A Collection of Responses

Here at BARCC, we recognize that this has been a tough week for everyone.  It is difficult to articulate our feelings, emotions, and reactions to Monday's tragedy.  I have read multiple blog pieces and news articles and am appreciative of those who were able to articulate their responses.  Two of those pieces are shared below. &n Read More

Self-care in the holiday season and beyond

When doing rape crisis work – or other crisis services –  one of the phrases you become very familiar with ‘self-care’.   We’re reminded on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that we should be doing regular forms of self-care for ourselves and recommending it to others –significant others, survivors, a Read More