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Why Walk for Change Now?

Large stream of participants at a previous Walk for Change with purple, orange, and white balloons

Lately, not a day goes by without mention of sexual harassment and assault in the media. It seems like maybe things are starting to actually change in a big way. But in this new age of #MeToo, your participation in the BARCC Walk for Change matters more than ever.

On a wide scale, people are talking about sexual violence more, and in different ways, than they ever have before. They are believing survivors more. They are demanding consequences for high-profile offenders. As more people discuss sexual harassment at work, youth sexual abuse in sports, or what consent really is, even more people are starting to pay attention.

However, we need to keep this conversation going. We need to help people understand that this is more than a women’s issue. We need people to see the many barriers that survivors of various identities and backgrounds face in reporting sexual violence and in getting support. We need more people to pay attention when the news is not about a famous person. We need the burden of education and activism not to be shouldered just by survivors.

And we need to counter the backlash. The people who say it’s going too far. Who say, “Well, how are people supposed to date now?” (PS. Respectfully, with consent, with clear communication!) Who still ask, about survivors, “Well, why didn’t they do X? Maybe they should have done Y. I think they just regret having sex. They’re probably making it up.”

We need to keep listening to survivors, keep showing up for survivors. And perhaps most importantly, we need to help everyone turn these conversations into action. We need to capitalize on the national dialogue and get people to the next step. The Walk for Change is a perfect—and literal—next step.

You are the ones who have the power to turn this cultural moment into a true tipping point. Ready to get started? Register for the Walk for Change today! And if you share on social media (please do!), tag us and use the hashtags #BARCCWalk4Change and #ShowUpforSurvivors.

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Jessica L. Atcheson
As BARCC’s marketing and communications manager, Jessica L. Atcheson leads strategies to advance BARCC’s mission and raise its organizational profile. She develops, implements, and evaluates strategic communications initiatives in a variety of online and offline channels.Prior to joining BARCC, Jessica served as the writer and editor at the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, an international human rights nonprofit. She began her career in nonprofit communications at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she worked as associate editor. She has also earned a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in communication studies from Hamilton College, studied at Oxford University, and served as a survivor advocate through the AmeriCorps Victim Assistance Program. She volunteers at the Network/La Red, which works to end partner abuse and support LGBQ/T survivors.

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