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Sexual Assault Awareness Month is Right Around the Corner!

Clothesline Display

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!  It’s that time of year where we all take the time to recognize the survivors who exist within our communities, the effect that sexual violence has on their support systems, on society, and on each one of us.  There are a number of events that are happening at different universities and around the city.  Events can range from panel discussions to movie nights to clothesline displays to speak outs to rallies.  These experiences can be emotional but usually allow attendees to leave feeling empowered and hopeful that there can be an end to sexual violence.

BARCC is hosting the Clothesline Display in the South Station Atrium on April 3rd from 6:00am to 7:30pm.  The Clothesline Display contains many t-shirts that have been designed by sexual assault survivors and their loved ones.  They contain messages about how the assault affected them, how they’ve coped, messages to the person who assaulted them, and others.  This display is a great visual representation of how many people are impacted by sexual violence and that there is a ripple effect that extends to their family and community.  There will be staff and volunteers available the entire day to answer any questions about the history of the Clothesline Project or the different resources that we offer.  Our lavender products will also be on sale at South Station, and make excellent gifts for Easter or Mother’s Day!  All of our lavender products are made by Sunny Window, a woman-owned company. Products include eye pillows, dryer bags, small and large pillows for your living room, soaps, tea, and gift sets.  All proceeds benefit the services that BARCC offers for free, such as our Hotline, Medical Accompaniment, Prevention Services, and Legal Advocacy to name a few.

BARCC is also having our annual Walk for Change on Sunday, April 22nd this year.  It will start and end at Canal Park while following a path along the Charles River.  All are invited (dogs included!) to register as a walker, the fee is only $25 for an adult, which includes a fabulous walk t-shirt.  Of course it would be more fun to share this experience with friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues! You can form you own Walk Team and if you have more than 20 people, then there’s a discount on the registration fee!  One of the greatest things about this Walk is the number of people that come together from various backgrounds.  However, during the Walk, we are all united by the drive and belief that sexual violence has no place in our communities and that we are willing to stand next to and support those who it effects.  Last year, there were over 1,500 walkers!!  The Walk for Change is also a great time to fundraise for BARCC and all proceeds go directly to the free services that we provide for survivors, significant others, and the community.  Last year, this event raised over $150,000 for our organizations and more than $40,000 of that was from donations less than $25.  Every donation truly does matter to our work and to the people we serve every day.  Join us this year and be a part of the population who will stand and say that sexual violence needs to end! 

Check out our video on the walk here:

If your organization is hosting any events, please list them in the comments section below.

Written by: Stacey

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Posted by stacey

Stacey formerly served BARCC as the coordinator for Community Awareness and Outreach. Prior to BARCC, she worked for the Navy as a sexual assault response coordinator and volunteered for the DC Rape Crisis Center. She got involved with anti-rape work during college and has enjoyed doing both direct services and educational work.

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