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Op-Ed: Shutting Down Locker Room Talk


In her latest op-ed for WGBH News, BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella highlights the dangers of dismissing "locker room talk" and the need for schools and universities to adequately address it for effective prevention of sexual violence. 

Excerpt: "When these athletes associate with other 'sexually aggressive, hyper-masculine, and delinquent peers,' as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control puts it, they marinate in a toxic brew of misogyny that can lead to violent behavior. The only way to disrupt this pattern is with an unambiguous community response. That’s why it is so important that administrators at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Amherst, and Washington University in St. Louis have told male athletes these actions merit punishment by canceling seasons and suspending offenders."

Read the full article on the WGBH News website.

Published: January 5, 2017.

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Posted by Gina Scaramella

Gina Scaramella
Gina Scaramella, LICSW, provides the vision and strategic leadership to advance BARCC's mission. As executive director since 2003, she works closely with people within and outside of the organization to continually grow and improve it. Gina began at BARCC as a volunteer hotline counselor in 1989 before heading to graduate school. She joined staff in 1995 to coordinate the medical and legal advocacy programs. Gina has grown BARCC’s budget nearly three­fold and developed the infrastructure to ensure BARCC's positive impact for survivors, in our communities, and beyond. Gina has worked nationally as an expert with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and was part of the EMPOWER leadership team, which was tasked with formulating Massachusetts’s approach to preventing sexual violence. She also served as an expert for the federal Defending Childhood Project of the Boston Public Health Commission. Currently she is on the board of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program, the project management team of the National Telenursing Center, the advisory board for the Indicators Project of the Vera Center for Justice, and the leadership team of the National Vicarious Trauma Tool Kit project with Northeastern University. Gina holds an LICSW license and earned her master of social work degree from Boston University.

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