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One Last Blogathon Note!

In an exciting twist, we have three people blogathonning for BARCC this year! We are pulling an all-nighter for great justice, posting to our blogs every half hour for 24 hours. This is all going to get unintentionally hilarious. Probably earlier than you think.

* I’m blogging here, and have a fantastic auction going on here that you should check out. I’ll be posting spontaneous flash fiction and poetry inspired by the auction items; many of the stories and poems will draw on my novel in progress, Cicatrix, which deals with sexual violence and recovery.

* Fellow CAPS volunteer Jennifer is blogging here! She’ll be posting spontaneous flash fanfic - list of fandoms will be posted on her blog.

* Adrianne Brennan is blogging here. Her posts will include her thoughts on writing, never-before posted excerpts of her works, and answers to any questions you pose to her beforehand.

We are not just doing Blogathon because it’s fun - we’re doing it for BARCC. We are doing this goofy but incredibly arduous thing because we believe strongly in BARCC’s mission.

So sponsor us! Click to donate; you can put “blogathon” or “blogathon” + a blogger’s name or whatever you like in the comments field. Then please e-mail your receipt to the blogger you’re sponsoring so we can keep a running total. There will be a prize drawing! There will be silly incentives for every thousand dollars we raise for BARCC! It will be ridiculously awesome. Read along, comment, and sponsor!

Blogathon kicks off at 9am tomorrow. Party time!

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Posted by Shira

Shira formerly served as a volunteer with BARCC's Survivor Speakers Bureau and Prevention Services. She also formerly worked as BARCC's volunteer and program assistant. Shira also writes science fiction and fantasy short stories and poetry, and much of her outreach was done within the community of science-fiction fandom and the closely-allied local polyamory community.


  1. Adrianne BrennanJuly 30, 2010 at 11:20

    When I write, I tend to forget to eat. And drink fluids. That sorta thing. I do indeed take meds so I'll be sure to remember those! In addition to food. And water. XD

  2. The thing I tend to forget is my medication, since I'm used to taking it when I go to bed and when I wake up. If you take meds, remember 'em!

  3. Adrianne BrennanJuly 30, 2010 at 11:04

    And don't forgot to feed the kitties, who will not survive on cuddles alone. :D

    My tea kettle will be oft-used, I suspect...and I also think that it's frozen meals and/or delivery for me...

  4. Good luck! Remember, don't chug the coffee, and get up and stretch between blog posts! :)

  5. Adrianne BrennanJuly 30, 2010 at 10:50

    I'm so looking forward to this! :D Glad I'm a night owl, lol!

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