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International Anti-Street Harassment Day: THIS Sunday

International Anti-Street Harassment Day is this Sunday, March 20th. Street harassment (catcalling, intimidation, unwanted come-ons, etc) are a family member of sexual assault. Street harassment is about the harasser getting power over someone (usually a woman) for a short moment that helps them prop up their failing masculinity. It's ridiculous, threatening, demeaning, and needs to stop. Amanda Hess at put up a useful link on a street audit being undertaken by Holla Back DC! for the Day; similar actions in Boston and other places around the country might help to reduce street harassment.

Because she says it better than I can, here are ten cool ideas for reducing street harassment in your own neighborhood. Check 'em out! And enjoy our spring weather!

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Posted by Dave

Dave has volunteered with BARCC since 2007 and works in higher education administration. He also facilitates a men's pro-feminist group, is a STARZ member of Socializing for Justice, a Yelp Elite '10 member, and sits on the advisory council of the Boston Medical Center's domestic violence prevention board. He got involved with BARCC to further his understanding of feminism and gender justice, and also to get the chance to show his speaking skills far and wide. He lives in Allston, where the music is.

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