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Five Steps to a Successful Walk for Change Team

The annual BARCC Walk for Change is fun to attend on your own—and it can be even better with a team! If you want to increase your support for survivors, the best way to do it is to gather the people in your life to form a Walk for Change team and multiply your fundraising power.

To form an incredible Walk for Change team, follow these simple steps:

1. Register a team

This step should be done as early as possible so people who want to join your team will be able to find it when registering! Pick a team name that represents you and your interests, like Corgis for Consent, or Smith Family Robinson. Don’t be afraid of puns here, but a simple team name will work too! Read our step-by-step instructions for forming or joining a team.

2. Talk about the Walk for Change

The first step is to simply talk about the Walk for Change! Talk to your friends, coworkers, family about what the Walk supports and accomplishes. We have some tips on how to talk about the Walk to get you started.

Once the people in your life know what the Walk is, let them know that it’s fun too! Not only is the Walk for Change a lovely 2.6-mile loop in support of survivors of sexual violence, it’s also a day filled with food, activities, music, and more! Learn about the activities and food trucks to encourage your networks to participate.

3. Reach out online

E-mail people in your life to ask them to join your team! With our handy e-mail template, this only takes five minutes. Post about your team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so people you don’t see every day know you’re walking.

4. Host events

Host events to fundraise for the Walk for Change and to add people to your team. You can have a house party and charge $10 at the door, host a trivia night with an entry fee, put on an amateur sporting event, book club, raffle, movie night, and more! Any regular activity you do with your friends can be used to raise money for the Walk for Change and add people to your team. Who doesn’t want to participate when you’re having such fun get-togethers? We have some event ideas all set for you.

5. Have a friendly competition

Compete within your team or against another team you know to see who can raise the most money for survivors! There’s nothing like a friendly competition to encourage people to ask for donations. For extra motivation, find a business to donate a gift card or make crafts to give to the biggest fundraiser.

Get even more tips and tricks for team building and fundraising!

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Posted by Taylor Rapalyea

Taylor Rapalyea
Taylor Rapalyea serves as BARCC's marketing and communications coordinator. She helps implement communications plans, creates content, and provides support for organizational communications, all to further public knowledge of BARCC's mission and services. Taylor brings four years of local news reporting and editing to BARCC, and has worked at Patch News, the Salem News, and the Gloucester Daily Times. She learned video reporting and editing at the Boston Herald, and served as editor of the Simmons Voice while studying journalism and public relations at Simmons College.

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