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So I'm a bit tired this morning after spending six or seven hours baking in the sun yesterday watching a whole lot of other people run 26 miles. Considering that I wasn't running, I sure forgot how much effort it is to stand around, clap a bunch, eat hot dogs, and wander up and down Beacon Street. My feet were killing me.

So, with that being the case, here are a couple of other interesting things rolling around the world of the internets that I think folks should check out:

Over at the Curvature, Cara has a post about rape apologism in Australia.

Thomas at the Yes Means Yes blog has a bunch of great posts up: first, some thoughts on the Big Ben case. Also, an awesome and lengthy post on essentialism.

Cara at Feministe has some thoughts on sexual assault in Native communities.

At Sociological Images: an idea of what male objectification might look like.

An older post, but I just discovered this site a couple of days ago. Purtek wrote at the Hathor Legacy the post I tried to write last week. Why rape is different from other types of violence. Also, Jennifer Kesler at the same site has a great post on how to prevent rape.

Finally, to make the day a little more fun than a non-stop miseryfest, the Boston Breakers had their first home game of the 2010 season this Sunday (a 1-1 tie with Philadelphia). The next game is April 25th at 6 pm, and you can catch it on the Fox Soccer Channel if you've got it. Go Breakers!

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Posted by Dave

Dave has volunteered with BARCC since 2007 and works in higher education administration. He also facilitates a men's pro-feminist group, is a STARZ member of Socializing for Justice, a Yelp Elite '10 member, and sits on the advisory council of the Boston Medical Center's domestic violence prevention board. He got involved with BARCC to further his understanding of feminism and gender justice, and also to get the chance to show his speaking skills far and wide. He lives in Allston, where the music is.

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