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Enid Levangie Creates Safe Spaces for Hotline Callers

Hotline volunteer Enid smiles for a photo in front of a painting of the BARCC logo.

Ten years ago, someone gave Enid Levangie a list of organizations that needed volunteers, and her eye was drawn to BARCC. Our Hotline program stood out to Enid based on her previous experience volunteering for hotlines and the crisis counseling aspect of the program. Today, Enid—now a nine-year hotline volunteer—has been honored as one of our volunteers of the year.

Enid and our two other volunteers of the year will be recognized at our annual Champions for Change Gala & Auction. On our 24-hour hotline, Enid supports folks who are at any stage in their healing process. She works mostly with survivors, but also with family members, friends, and significant others who need help in supporting a survivor.

“A big part of the hotline is stuff that sometimes might feel insignificant,” said Jesse Moskowitz, who coordinates the hotline volunteers. “We are always here as support to provide a listening ear, and I think that’s really powerful.”

Jesse said those things that may seem small—listening, believing callers—have a real impact for survivors.

In addition to being a hotline counselor, Enid also supports other hotline volunteers. She said she loves interacting with the other volunteers and attending the volunteer meetings: getting together with a supportive group of people and talking about what they’re doing.

Enid said she’s often surprised at the generosity of nearly everyone she speaks to on the hotline. “The strength and generosity of everyone is just amazing,” Enid said. “I talk to people on the phone all the time, and they are always so grateful, strong, and kind. It’s truly amazing that in the midst of pain, people still have such a capacity for kindness. I finish most of my shifts thinking that people are really good.”

Enid said she wished people knew all the different ways BARCC supports survivors: through the hotline, medical advocacy, case management, legal advocacy, counseling, and more.

“This is especially important because there are so many ways that survivors need to be supported,” said Enid. “I also wish people knew that BARCC is such a supportive community, and that BARCC makes volunteering easy if it’s something that you are interested in.”

Learn more about volunteering with BARCC and our 24-hour hotline.

BARCC offers free and confidential services to survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. Learn more about our services or call our 24-hour hotline at 800-841-8371.

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Posted by Taylor Rapalyea

Taylor Rapalyea
Taylor Rapalyea serves as BARCC's marketing and communications coordinator. She helps implement communications plans, creates content, and provides support for organizational communications, all to further public knowledge of BARCC's mission and services. Taylor brings four years of local news reporting and editing to BARCC, and has worked at Patch News, the Salem News, and the Gloucester Daily Times. She learned video reporting and editing at the Boston Herald, and served as editor of the Simmons Voice while studying journalism and public relations at Simmons College.

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