BARCC staffer presenting Bystander training next to big poster paper with writing on it

Spike in Hate Crimes Creates Surge in Requests for Prevention Training

Training Can Help You Respond if You See Someone in Danger Since the presidential election, it seems more people than ever are emboldened to discriminate and dehumanize others. This is a powerful root of sexual violence. You've probably seen it yourself. A jogger being taunted on their daily run. A young woman being whistled at on the street. A… Read More

Screenshot from website of Office for Victims of Crime The Vicarious Trauma Toolkit

Beyond Bubble Baths

For years, the concept of “self-care” has been promoted as a way that workers can sustain themselves while helping people who have experienced trauma. At BARCC, we look for every opportunity to support our team members, and we encourage taking walks, getting coffee or snacks, working out—and all of the things we can and should do to… Read More

Screenshot of 13 Reasons Why title sequence

Missed Opportunities for Prevention: 13 Reasons Why

We’ve been hearing a lot in the schools that we work in—and in national dialogue—about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The show follows the story of a high school student who dies by suicide and leaves behind 13 recordings. The recordings reveal the student’s experiences with bullying and sexual assault, among other… Read More

BARCC marching in Boston Pride parade with banner that says barcc with rainbow

Support All Survivors: March with BARCC at Boston Pride!

Acknowledging survivors as whole people is an important part of supporting their healing journey. As a member of the BARCC community, you have demonstrated your support for all survivors in a number of ways. From showing up at the Women’s March for America to participating in legislative advocacy for youth, immigrant, and housing justice,… Read More

Mother and child profile in front of sunset

You Are a Gift to Your Child

An interview with Shadi Johnston, LMHC This Mother’s Day, we honor all the mothers out there who are survivors of sexual violence. We sat down with Shadi Johnston—our senior clinician and Clinical Intern Program manager, as well as a mother of three herself—to talk about her work with mothers. In your work with survivors, how have… Read More

Headshot of Ashley Hala, Babson College

Cultivating Connections to Serve Survivors

Community Professionals Training Profile: Ashleigh Hala, Babson College If there’s one word to describe Ashleigh Hala, the inaugural director of Babson College’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Services, it’s busy. From advocating for student survivors in school proceedings to planning education campaigns on… Read More

Group of participants at 2017 Walk for Change

More Than 1,700 People Show Up for Survivors at Walk for Change

On April 23, more than 1,700 attendees took part in our Annual Walk for Change, the largest gathering in New England raising awareness of sexual violence, to show their support for survivors. Participants at this year’s Walk for Change raised more than $222,000 for BARCC services. The total is a fundraising record for the event, which… Read More

Large stream of participants at a previous Walk for Change with purple, orange, and white balloons

How Your Participation in the Walk for Change Helps Survivors

Here’s what survivors say about BARCC: “After my boyfriend assaulted me I had nowhere to go. I have three kids—and who could take us in? BARCC’s case manager found a place in a shelter that could take us all. They also gave me a hopeline phone so now I can call for help.” “I called BARCC one day, and I asked them… Read More

Kids and adults at Walk for Change

BARCC’s Walk for Change: Kids Are Invited!

How to Talk to Them about Why You're Walking We encourage “whole family” participation (including your canine companions!) in the annual Walk for Change. Although the topic—ending sexual violence—is serious, our event is fun and festive. We want every member of the family, from infants to older teens, to feel comfortable… Read More

Walker with sign End Sexual Violence

Show Your Support by Showing Up!

There's nothing political in pointing out that people in leadership positions—government officials, college administrators, military leaders, company executives, and others—throughout the United States are not taking sexual violence seriously. Now, more than ever, survivors of sexual assault need to hear that we’ve got their back.… Read More