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Reducing Sexual Assault at School

How BARCC Partners with Schools to Create Cultures that Are Safe and Equitable for All Sexual abuse at private boarding schools has been all over the headlines this year. The truth is, though, that sexual violence in many forms is a regular occurrence at schools and campuses of all kinds—public and private, from middle school through college.… Read More

Get the Support You Need: Learn More about BARCC’s Counseling Groups

You probably have an image of what a support group looks like. People sit in folding chairs arranged in a circle, talking about dire subjects in a conversation facilitated by one person. BARCC’s counseling groups aren’t exactly like that. Yes, there are chairs (not folding!), and yes, there is talking. But participants aren’t expected… Read More

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Taylor Swift = #Fearless

This week, Taylor Swift experienced something that far too few survivors of sexual assault experience: justice in the courtroom. On Monday, a jury denied the claims of David Mueller, a former radio station disc jockey who had sued Swift for $3 million. He claimed that he had been fired from his job after Swift told station managers that he had groped… Read More

IMPACT self-defense workshop

Free Self-Defense and Creative Writing Workshop

BARCC is proud to partner again with the YWCA Boston and IMPACT to provide a free self-defense and creative writing workshop for individuals in Cambridge. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Cambridge Arts, these classes are intended to help people find the strength of their bodies and the power of… Read More

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Sharing Their Stories, Inspiring Change

Spotlight on the BARCC Survivor Speakers Bureau What can change people’s minds and move people to action? Hearing personal stories. That’s the idea behind BARCC’s Survivor Speakers Bureau (SSB). Formed in 1999 by a group of survivors, the SSB is made up of 20 volunteers who share their stories to educate others about the realities… Read More

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Betsy DeVos and Title IX

Check out our recent tweetstorm on the latest from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos regarding Title IX, which provides essential mandates for educational institutions in responding to survivors of sexual violence. Follow us on Twitter. [View the story "Betsy DeVos and Title IX" on Storify] Read More

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Spike in Hate Crimes Creates Surge in Requests for Prevention Training

Training Can Help You Respond if You See Someone in Danger Since the presidential election, it seems more people than ever are emboldened to discriminate and dehumanize others. This is a powerful root of sexual violence. You've probably seen it yourself. A jogger being taunted on their daily run. A young woman being whistled at on the street. A… Read More

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Beyond Bubble Baths

For years, the concept of “self-care” has been promoted as a way that workers can sustain themselves while helping people who have experienced trauma. At BARCC, we look for every opportunity to support our team members, and we encourage taking walks, getting coffee or snacks, working out—and all of the things we can and should do to… Read More

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Missed Opportunities for Prevention: 13 Reasons Why

We’ve been hearing a lot in the schools that we work in—and in national dialogue—about the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The show follows the story of a high school student who dies by suicide and leaves behind 13 recordings. The recordings reveal the student’s experiences with bullying and sexual assault, among other… Read More

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Support All Survivors: March with BARCC at Boston Pride!

Acknowledging survivors as whole people is an important part of supporting their healing journey. As a member of the BARCC community, you have demonstrated your support for all survivors in a number of ways. From showing up at the Women’s March for America to participating in legislative advocacy for youth, immigrant, and housing justice,… Read More