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Media: Women Worried About DeVos’ Proposed Title IX Changes

BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella and Senior Bilingual Staff Attorney Patty McNamara went on The Take with Sue O'Connell on NECN to discuss the proposed changes to Title IX.  Excerpt: "Their orientation is very much 'we're concerned about the due process of the student who's accused of the harm,' and we're most… Read More

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Media: Boston Neighborhood Network News

BARCC Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Manager Katia Santiago-Taylor went on Boston Neighborhood Network News to talk about the proposed changes to Title IX and where BARCC stands on them.  Excerpt: "When we think about Title IX, this is a matter that's being handled in schools, higher education, the education system. This is not a criminal… Read More

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Press Release: Eastern Bank Honors Gina Scaramella with Community Advocacy Award

For Nearly 20 Years, She Has Developed Solutions to End Sexual Violence and Effectively Respond to and Support SurvivorsThe following press release was published by Eastern Bank in late December 2018.  Eastern Bank, America’s oldest and largest mutual bank, has honored Gina Scaramella, Executive Director of the Boston Area Rape… Read More

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Media: BARCC Launches Web Chat Hotline to Support More Sexual Assault Survivors

Metro Boston covered the launch of BARCC's web chat hotline, a new way to access our oldest service. Survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones can now chat with BARCC hotline counselors on desktop and mobile devices daily between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. by going to  Excerpt: "'There are people who may have limited… Read More

Media: Roxane Gay Helps Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Mark 45th Year of Service

The Boston Globe covered the 2018 Champions for Change Gala and Auction, which celebrated BARCC's 45 years of providing free services for survivors of sexual violence.  Excerpt: “'Seeing you all here makes me feel something I don’t feel a lot of lately: hope, to see that this many people care about sexual violence,”… Read More

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Media: Year after #MeToo

A handful of news outlets interviewed BARCC staff to get a sense of how the mission to end sexual violence has changed since the surgence of #MeToo last October. A sample of news coverage is below:  It's been a year since to #MeToo movement took off. Here's the change a local rape crisis center has seen, BARCC details impact… Read More

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Media: Yes on 3

In the leadup to Election Day, local news outlets persistently covered Question 3, which upheld a 2016 law that gives transgender people antidiscrimination protections in places of public accommodation. BARCC, which advocated for the Yes on 3 campaign, was quoted several times making the point that protecting transgender people has no negative… Read More

Media: The Kavanaugh Nomination

The Kavanaugh nomination and eventual confirmation dominated the news cycle this fall. Several news outlets quoted BARCC staff to give a trauma-informed perspective in coverage. A sample of those articles are listed below:  Protesters Voice Support For Christine Blasey Ford in Boston, CBS Boston At rape crisis center, empathy for Kavanaugh's… Read More

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Press Release: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Launches Web Chat Hotline Service

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) announces today that it has launched a web chat hotline to give sexual assault survivors, their loved ones, and providers another way of accessing information, support, and referrals about sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. The hotline expansion comes after a significant spike in requests for BARCC services… Read More

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Media: Safety Gains for Sexual Assault Survivors in Detentions Bill

BARCC Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Manager Katia Santiago-Taylor sat down with Christ Lovett of Boston Neighborhood Network News to discuss Governore Charlie Baker's proposed legislation.  Excerpt: "When we focus on the perpetrator we ask, "why are we ruining their lives?' ... It's very unfair for survivors, because someone… Read More