Historic Highlights: BARCC’s Founding

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center started with a needs assessment. In the fall of 1972, a group of women in the Greater Boston area began looking for resources for survivors of sexual violence. They found nothing—and decided to do everything. In the beginning, BARCC was a collective. The all-volunteer organization worked out of a room on the… Read More

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How to Be an Active Bystander 101

With the international conversation focused on #MeToo/#YoTambien/#BalanceTonPorc and issues of sexual violence, more people are looking for solutions to put an end to sexual harassment and assault. Luckily, BARCC has tangible ways for you to change the culture. Our Community Awareness and Prevention Services (CAPS) team gives a wide variety of trainings,… Read More

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Top Five BARCC Posts from 2017

What a year it has been, folks. Plenty of heartbreaking events, and some that buoyed us more than we can say. As we go into 2018, we will continue to do all we can to support survivors in our communities and bring attention to the issue of sexual violence. To round out the year, we took a look at the most-viewed BARCC blog posts in 2017. We grew a lot… Read More

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Op-Ed: Pilot Program Offers Lessons from Military on Supporting Sexual Assault Survivors

Gina Scaramella, BARCC executive director, writes in the Hill about an innovative TeleNursing pilot program that ensures that medical staff and survivors on U.S. Navy bases have access to a nurse trained in providing forensic medical-legal examinations and patient-centered care to survivors.  Excerpt: "Sexual assault survivors in the… Read More

Media: ‘Silence Breakers’ Named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

TIME magazine announced their Person of the Year this week: the people behind #MeToo and the national conversation about sexual violence. The piece highlighted survivors from all walks of life, ranging from movie stars to activists to farm workers. NBC Boston sat down with BARCC Bilingual Client Services Coordinator Alma Huerta Dominguez to talk about… Read More

Media: Men Who are Sexually Assaulted Face Struggles Tied to Ideas of Masculinity

The Boston Globe published a follow up to their report on the four men who said Bryon Hefner—husband of Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg—sexually assaulted them. In the follow up, the Globe interviewed BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella on how traditional masculinity can complicate healing from sexual trauma for male survivors.… Read More

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Media: BARCC and #MeToo

WCVB Channel 5's CityLine sat down with BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella and Bilingual Client Services Coordinator Alma Huerta Dominguez to discuss the decade-old Me Too campaign and the importance of inclusion in the mission to end sexual violence.  Excerpt: “We want to make sure people understand that whatever their journey… Read More

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Media: 11 Ways to Take Care of Yourself During this Hellish News Cycle

BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella spoke with the Huffington Post about the ongoing national conversation around sexual violence and how people can take care of themselves when triggers are seemingly everywhere.  Excerpt: “[Sexual trauma] can stop you in your tracks and change the way you live your life,” said Gina Scaramella,… Read More

Increasing Access for Survivors of Sexual Violence with Disabilities

Making the initial call to a rape crisis center can be difficult. It takes bravery to acknowledge trauma and take steps to heal. For survivors with disabilities, there can be even more obstacles to accessing services, from making the first phone call to getting to the organization’s location, to arranging interpretation services. The Boston Area… Read More

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Media: Rosenberg to Address Media as Colleagues Assemble Investigation Structure

After the Boston Globe published a report on four men who said they had been sexually assaulted by Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg's husband, Bryon Hefner, the State House News Service published a piece detailing the fallout and expected investigation. The wire service's story, which was picked up by the Salem News, quoted BARCC… Read More