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#MeToo? #HeresWhatToDo

Like nearly everyone else, we watched in amazement as the #MeToo movement took hold on social media. On Sunday, actress Alyssa Milano encouraged women to tweet out #MeToo if they had experienced sexual harassment or assault, a campaign conceived years earlier by activist Tarana Burke. As of this writing, more than 12 million #MeToo posts have been… Read More

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Casting Call: Play a Role in the Movement to End Sexual Violence

BARCC’s Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) is filming a short video that will be shown in our educational workshops and shared through our online platforms. The video will portray everyday situations like street harassment, responding to friends’ disclosures, and unequal dress code expectations that make young people feel unsafe and contribute… Read More

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Media: Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Talks about Impact of #MeToo Campaign

If you're on social media, you've probably seen at least one #MeToo come across your timeline. Maybe you've seen dozens. The viral movement meant to show the scope of sexual violence was created nearly a decade ago by activist Tarana Burke, and reignited on Sunday, October 15, when actress Alyssa Milano shared the concept online. BARCC Executive… Read More

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#MeToo, and It’s OK if You Choose Not to Say “Me Too”

The following post was written by Kristy Cullivan Sierra, BARCC’s development director. #MeToo is a movement on social media meant to bring attention to the magnitude of sexual violence. Since it went viral on Sunday, October 15, people have posted #MeToo on their Facebook and Twitter pages to indicate that they, too, have experienced sexual violence.… Read More

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Op-Ed: 3 Things We Aren’t Being Told: The Harvey Weinstein Story

The sexual assault accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein have been building up for years, and culminated this week in endless articles detailing the reports and Weinstein's firing. But three observations were missing from most of the news coverage. BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella writes through those observations in… Read More

Walker Bristol Knows How to Engage an Audience

Walker Bristol was organizing workshops on sexual violence at Tufts University, but felt like their work was isolated on a college campus. Walker took the BARCC volunteer training with the intention of doing prevention work on a broader scale. Three years later, their incredible knack for connecting to audiences of all backgrounds has earned them the… Read More

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Ashley Wells Goes Above and Beyond for Survivors

Ashley Wells stumbled upon the Medical Advocacy program at BARCC when she was unhappy with her work and was looking for volunteer opportunities in Boston. A Google search led her to the BARCC website, and the mission caught her eye. Three years later, and she’s been honored as one of our volunteers of the year for her dedication and reliability.… Read More

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Substance Addiction and Sexual Violence

How BARCC Is Working to Support Survivors Struggling with Addiction For decades, the issue of drug and alcohol use and addiction has been part of national dialogue, debate, and media coverage. And increasingly that’s true for sexual violence, too. At BARCC, we see and navigate the many connections between the two issues on a daily basis—so… Read More

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10 Book Recommendations from Our Staff and Supporters

Has a book ever moved you to action or changed the way you think? Do you have a well-worn novel that makes you feel less alone? Many of our staff, volunteers, and supporters can point to such a book (or two!). Books can break silences, help to heal traumas, and shed light on someone else’s experience. National Read a Book Day was this month: a… Read More

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Media: Interim Title IX Guidelines Leave Advocates for Assault Survivors Concerned

Stephanie DeCandia, BARCC's director of programs, explained how changes to Title IX Guidance could affect survivors in an interview with Metro Boston. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently announced plans to revoke the Title IX Guidance issued in 2011 under the Obama administration. DeCandia noted in her interview that the interim guidelines… Read More