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Volunteer Positions

Starred (*) positions are considered direct service positions. You must be at least 18 years old and attend our 40-hour volunteer training to be considered for these positions. 

Office Support Volunteers

Always accepting applicants! Must attend 3-hour training and submit this application to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)! OSV training times are frequent and flexible.

These positions offer a meaningful way to support BARCC without a long-term commitment. OSVs staff BARCC's Cambridge office reception area. To apply, please submit this application. All OSVs must be at least 18 years old.

Note: OSVs do not need to complete the 40-hour training, but instead a 3-hour training at BARCC's Cambridge offices.

OSV responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming and directing guests
  • Maintaining Cambridge office spaces
  • Optional: Administrative tasks

All genders are welcome to apply!

Community Awareness and Prevention Volunteers

Requires 40-hour training; see application for dates. Apply online

Volunteers in the Community Awareness & Prevention Services (CAPS) program work to increase public awareness of the issue of sexual assault, BARCC’s services, and prevention strategies.  Volunteers will engage in community outreach activities (i.e. distributing BARCC materials, providing information tables, attending community events, etc.).  CAPS volunteers also accompany Survivor Speakers to provide BARCC information and audience support.  Experienced volunteers will provide awareness/prevention workshops to various audiences: middle and high schools, colleges, universities, community groups, shelters, conferences, and various service providers. 

Requirements and details:

  • Completion of 40 hour Rape Crisis Counselor training.
  • Attend mandatory Peer Supervision on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 6:30-8:00pm.
  • Spend 4-6 hours each month doing community outreach activities.  After receiving additional training which could take up to a year, volunteers can be certified to present awareness and prevention workshops. 
  • Volunteers interact with diverse community members, including survivors and significant others so must be prepared to receive disclosures and provide support.
  • Weekday daytime availability is very helpful.
  • CAPS is currently seeking volunteers of all genders.

Survivor Speakers Bureau Volunteers

Please note we are not currently recruiting new volunteers. However, all interested applicants are welcome to submit an application which we will keep on file for future trainings!

The BARCC Survivor Speakers Bureau (SSB) was formed in 2002 by a group of survivors who wanted to share their stories as tools to educate others about the realities of sexual violence, reach other survivors, and change community norms. Today, the SSB reaches hundreds of people every year, including high school and college students, police, journalists, health-care providers, legislators, the military, and others. Joining the SSB is a powerful way to connect with people, put a face to this issue, and motivate communities to take action to end sexual violence.

For many people who have experienced sexual violence, volunteering can be a rewarding and also challenging commitment.  


  • Completion of the SSB training and graduation
  • Ability to attend at least four volunteer meetings per year
  • Access to an e-mail account

Read the Survivors Speakers Bureau guidelines. To apply for a future training, please submit this application to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Fundraising Volunteers

E-mail for more details! If you're interested in volunteering for events as well, see bottom of page. 

No formal training required. Just e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more info!

These positions offer a meaningful way to support survivors without being involved with direct services. Volunteers may be needed to work on committees, special events, drives, appeals, and a range of other fundraising-related tasks. Positions may be available in writing, layout, design, graphics, computer work, research, organizing, phone calling, and more.

Applicants are considered on an as-needed basis, please see below for current opportunities.

Commitment: Dependent on project.

Training: Varies based on tasks.

Current Opportunities: Interested in getting more involved with events at BARCC? Please consider joining the Champions for Change Gala Committee. This committee helps with fundraising, planning logistics, strategy, and various other tasks that are hugely important to the success of our November 9 Gala!

Currently accepting committee members for the November 2018 Gala!

Hotline Counselors

Requires 40-hour training; see application for dates. Apply online

Our phone and web chat hotline receives thousands of calls and chats per year that are primarily answered by volunteers like you. Volunteers provide crisis counseling and support for survivors and their significant others. They also provide resources and referrals to callers. 

Learn more about volunteering for our hotline, including requirements, and then apply online

We are currently seeking hotline volunteers of all genders. Bilingual in English and Spanish a plus.

Medical Advocates

Requires 40-hour training; see application for dates. Apply online

Medical Advocates meet survivors at the hospital following a sexual assault 24-hours a day. They provide as much support and information as needed by the survivor and any significant others who may be with them throughout the time the survivor is in the emergency room. 

Requirements and Details:

  • Completion of 40 hour Rape Crisis Counselor training and a “buddy” shift after graduation from training.
  • Attend mandatory Peer Supervision on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:00pm
  • Sign up for at least one shift per week.  Shifts are 5-8 hours in length when you carry a cell phone so that you can be notified to go to the hospital.  You may not get called to go to the hospital every week. 
  • A valid driver’s license and access to a car are not necessary.  You must, however, be able to make it to a designated SANE hospital in our service area within 45 minutes of receiving a page.
  • Cases average about 4 hours, so you need flexibility in availability around your shift.  You may be called at the end of your shift and then be at the hospital for several hours past when your shift ended.
  • Medical Advocacy is currently seeking female identified volunteers.

Event Volunteers

E-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more details! No formal training required.

Help out at specific BARCC events throughout the year. We’ll e-mail you several weeks before the event to see if you are available. No need to submit an application;just e-mail us to let us know you are interested!

Commitment: Participation in one event per year.
Training: Varies depending on task.

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