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Media: ASAP and BARCC Discuss Future Plans, Resources, #MeToo Campaign

The Tufts Daily spoke with BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella to refamiliarize the Tufts campus with BARCC services, discuss the #MeToo social media campaign, and the demand for services for survivors of sexual violence.  Excerpt: "That’s our job; to listen and learn as we’re doing the things that we’re doing directly… Read More

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Media: Senate Confirms Legislation Ramping up University Sexual Assault Policies

The Daily Free Press, Boston University's independent student newspaper, spoke with BARCC's Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Manager Katia Santiago-Taylor about a new bill that passed the State Senate last week. The legislation, passed unanimously on Thursday, requires higher education institutions to strengthen their policies on sexual… Read More

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Media: Rape Crisis Center Reaches out after #MeToo

The Hungtinton News spoke with BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella and Northeastern student and hotline volunteer Danielle Dottor to talk about the #MeToo campaign and what students should know about Title IX and resources for survivors of sexual violence.  Excerpt: “A campus that really runs around the fraternity culture is going… Read More

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The Basics of Title IX

What is Title IX?Title IX is a federal civil rights law, created in 1972 to protect equal access to education in schools that receive federal funding. Title IX governs sex discrimination and is applicable to all sexes and genders.  The purpose of Title IX is to ensure equal access to education; any actions taken by a school under Title IX are done… Read More

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Media: Interim Title IX Guidelines Leave Advocates for Assault Survivors Concerned

Stephanie DeCandia, BARCC's director of programs, explained how changes to Title IX Guidance could affect survivors in an interview with Metro Boston. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently announced plans to revoke the Title IX Guidance issued in 2011 under the Obama administration. DeCandia noted in her interview that the interim guidelines… Read More

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Media: Trump Administration Scraps Obama-Era Sexual Assault Guidelines

Last week, BARCC Director of Programs Stephanie DeCandia spoke with Kirk Carapezza, lead correspondent and managing editor of WGBH's On Campus, to discuss the decision to formally revoke the Title IX Guidance. The Trump administration rescinded the Guidance, which was issued in 2011 to address sexual assault on college… Read More

Letter: Title IX Directive Was Put in Place to Correct Lapses in School Policies

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that the Trump administration would begin an open comment period as the first step in replacing the Title IX Guidance. BARCC's Director of Programs Stephanie DeCandia shared her knowledge and experience on the topic in a letter to the editor published in the Boston Globe on Monday,… Read More