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Do I Have to Put Up with This?

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace This is the first in a series of posts on workplace sexual harassment. Our Legal Advocacy team will talk about dynamics of power and control as well as legal definitions. In future posts, they will cover legal protections and options, the active bystander role, and how BARCC supports survivors and their loved one Read More

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Press Release: Prudential Tower Will Shine in Support of Survivors of Sexual Harassment and Assault

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to Participate in Annual 31 Nights of Light On the night of Tuesday, December 19, the Prudential Tower will shine purple and orange to show support for survivors of sexual harassment and assault. Part of the annual 31 Nights of Light, this lighting will raise awareness for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC), Read More

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BARCC Response to Reports of Sexual Harassment on Beacon Hill

Last week, the Boston Globe reported on multiple incidents of sexual harassment experienced by women who work on Beacon Hill. The report came after similar stories have been made public by women who work in both California and Rhode Island’s state legislatures. Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Executive Director Gina Scaramella issued the follo Read More

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Op-Ed: Sexual Harassment Needs to Be a Firing Offense

In this op-ed for the Boston Globe Opinion section, BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella comments on the prevention of and response to workplace sexual harassment, in light of recent news involving Bill O'Reilly/Fox News, Sterling Jewelers, and Uber.  Excerpt: "The most powerful way to prevent sexual harassment and assa Read More

Media: MBTA launches new anti-sexual harassment campaign

The Boston Globe covered the recent launch of our joint campaign with the MBTA, the T Police, and the Boston Center for Independent Living. Excerpt: "The MBTA has launched a new anti-sexual harassment campaign to encourage victims and bystanders to report incidents. . . . The campaign was created by MASS Collaboration, a partnership between t Read More

The Deep Freeze

When people speak about reactions to trauma or crisis, they routinely offer up ‘fight or flight’ as a way to describe human response.  In actuality, this is an incomplete phrase.  Science tells us that the full phrase is “fight, flight, or freeze,” but somewhere along the way, most folks drop freeze from the list.& Read More

Project Unspoken

I want to share this video created by students at Emory University as part of Project Unspoken, a summer intern project at Emory University's Office of Health Promotion's Respect Program. The Project Unspoken staff describes this video as "a reaction to the prominent silence surrounding the issues of rape, sexual assault, and relationship v Read More