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Your Housing Rights as a Survivor of Sexual Violence in Massachusetts

This is the first of two blog posts that will explain a few housing law protections for survivors of sexual violence and how BARCC case managers can assist survivors in advocating for their rights under these laws. When someone has committed sexual violence against you, it can impact many aspects of your life. At BARCC, our Case Management team often… Read More

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Press Release: BARCC Seeking Volunteers for Web Chat Hotline Service Launching in November

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) announces today that it will launch a web chat hotline this November. The web chat hotline will be a new way for sexual assault survivors, their loved ones, and providers to receive information, support, and referrals about sexual abuse, assault, and violence. The live web chat hotline will be available daily… Read More

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What Are My Options?

Workplace Sexual Harassment and AssaultThis is the second in a series of posts on workplace sexual harassment and assault. In the first post, our Legal Advocacy team talked about dynamics of power and control as well as legal definitions. In this post, they will cover legal protections and options and how BARCC supports survivors. Content note: descriptions… Read More

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When You Walk, You Support Services that Change Lives

When you participate in BARCC’s Walk for Change—as a walker or by giving money to a walker—you’re investing in free life-saving services for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, and their families, friends, and communities. This includes the following: Case Management: We work directly with survivors and significant others… Read More

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Substance Addiction and Sexual Violence

How BARCC Is Working to Support Survivors Struggling with AddictionFor decades, the issue of drug and alcohol use and addiction has been part of national dialogue, debate, and media coverage. And increasingly that’s true for sexual violence, too. At BARCC, we see and navigate the many connections between the two issues on a daily basis—so… Read More

Get the Support You Need: Learn More about BARCC’s Counseling Groups

You probably have an image of what a support group looks like. People sit in folding chairs arranged in a circle, talking about dire subjects in a conversation facilitated by one person. BARCC’s counseling groups aren’t exactly like that. Yes, there are chairs (not folding!), and yes, there is talking. But participants aren’t expected… Read More

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Media: Events Raise Awareness on Sexual Assaults

BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella appeared yesterday on Boston Neighborhood Network News, talking about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, dress codes, BARCC services, our annual Walk for Change, and more! Excerpt: "That's one of the things that's so important about having a robust rape crisis center that we have here in Boston,… Read More

A Caring Voice on the Hotline

Volunteer Spotlight: Jess Nissenbaum, Hotline CounselorWhenever someone calls BARCC’s 24-7 hotline, there’s a voice waiting on the other end of the line. Whether you’re a survivor, family member, friend, or provider, our highly trained and supervised volunteer rape crisis counselors and staff are ready to listen, to support, to help… Read More

Exploring Your Legal Options

The following post was written by our team of legal advocates. Last month, the Boston Globe ran “Assault Survivor Wants to Turn Detective,” an Ask Amy column in which the advice author addressed a question from a survivor of sexual assault who was considering investigating and reporting the man who assaulted her when she was in high school.… Read More

2016 Gala Survivor Speaker

2016 Champions for Change Gala & Auction Most Successful Yet

More than 620 BARCC supporters, volunteers, and staff gathered this past Friday for our annual Champions for Change Gala & Auction. In addition to a rousing live auction, the evening featured a moving speaking program to celebrate young survivors and the power we all have to end sexual violence. The event was BARCC’s most successful to date,… Read More

Every Survivor Deserves Support—Including Those in Prison

-->BARCC believes that all survivors deserve support in healing from the trauma of sexual violence. We also know that sexual violence affects thousands of people who are in the correctional system. That’s why BARCC established the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Project in 2015 to provide vital support to survivors of sexual violence who are… Read More

Survivor Speakers Bureau Training

Do you want to share your experience with sexual violence to inspire change?  BARCC is hosting a survivor speaker training for people interested in sharing their stories with media, in legislative actions, and elsewhere. “The Speakers Bureau Training is such a supportive environment where I learned how to share my… Read More

Announcing Teen Drop-In Sessions

Come to one of our teen drop-in sessions, learn more about BARCC, and explore how to get connected with our services. You can meet with a BARCC counselor on a first-come, first-served basis.   WhenEvery Wednesday, 5:00–6:00 p.m. WhereBARCC's Cambridge office, 99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139 Questions? Call… Read More

Urgent Support for Youth Survivors: Call Your Legislators!

We need your urgent help to support youth survivors of sexual violence. We just learned that in Massachusetts state budget negotiations, vital funding for Youth at Risk Programs has been cut. What this means to us: fewer resources for youth survivors of sexual violence. Please contact your legislators (find them here) to demand that this funding be… Read More

On Getting Some Help

Something that comes up often from people who call or come to BARCC is a feeling of uncertainty about whether the services available from BARCC are really for them. Sometimes they worry that their experience was so long ago that the hurt they're feeling today must be less important than the hurt of someone whose experience was more recent. Other… Read More

What Makes a Safe(r) Ride?

Unfortunately, the Boston area has heard of two reports recently of two individuals (at this time, police do not believe the incidents are connected) who raped people attempting to hail cabs in different areas of the city. Any sexual assault is troubling, but it is particularly alarming to hear that the assailants in these sexual assaults targeted those… Read More

Homelessness and Youth: Impacts and How YOU Can Help!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a survivor speaker event put on by the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance.  First a staff member gave the audience a framework in which to think about homelessness and those who are impacted.  Then we heard from two young adults who experienced homelessness as part of their youth.  Listening to… Read More

Impact and response: SAPR officials charged with sexual assault

When I first heard the story about the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response chief who was accused of sexual assault, my heart sank.  As an advocate in this field, it has always been a fear of mine to hear about an advocate assaulting someone.  And then, in the same month, another similar story comes out about an Army enlisted SAPR… Read More

Why We’re Walking Wednesdays, Volume 3

It's hard to believe, but we're already at the last Wednesday before the Walk for Change! Online registration is available only until Friday, so if you want to take advantage of that last online registration discount, head on over and get yourself and your crew registered! Sexual Assault Awareness (and Action!) Month is off to a great start,… Read More

Why We’re Walking Wednesdays, Volume 1

Around our offices, we're all looking forward to April 7th. Not just because we're tired of snow boots and neutral wool clothes, but because the Walk for Change is right around the corner! Certainly, we love the opportunity to support our hardworking colleagues and volunteers who get the event up and running (and Walking!) each year, and we're… Read More