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Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela

The world lost a powerful advocate for social change and equality yesterday: Nelson Mandela of South Africa.  Mandela was a constant advocate for progressive policies and addressed controversial and difficult topics headon.  His messages and activism have been a source of inspiration to many movements, organizations, and communities. … Read More

Neurobiology of Trauma

When people speak about reactions to trauma or crisis, they routinely offer up ‘fight or flight’ as a way to describe human response.  In actuality, this is an incomplete phrase.  Science tells us that the full phrase is “fight, flight, or freeze,” but somewhere along the way, the freeze response was dropped. … Read More

Impact and response: SAPR officials charged with sexual assault

When I first heard the story about the Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response chief who was accused of sexual assault, my heart sank.  As an advocate in this field, it has always been a fear of mine to hear about an advocate assaulting someone.  And then, in the same month, another similar story comes out about an Army enlisted SAPR… Read More

Making Meaning, Taking Action: Reflections on Steubenville

(Note to readers: the hyperlinks in this post that are followed by asterisks are links to external coverage or narrative of the Steubenville and other cases, many of which contain graphic descriptions of rape, threats of rape, and commentaries that may be difficult to read. Those without asterisks are links to resource sites.) If you're a consumer… Read More

DTR: What Does Sexual Violence Prevention Look Like?

In some relationships there is always the point where you have to sit down and have the “the talk.” We all have different feelings about “the talk,” but it’s when you sit down and DTR: define the relationship, or who you want to be. Are we just friends? Are we more than friends? Where is this relationship going? What do… Read More