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A collage of newspaper headlines from articles that mentioned BARCC over the years

Historic Highlights: Media Coverage of Sexual Assault Reflects a Changing Culture

If you think the media does a poor job covering sexual violence today, check out how it was done 45 years ago, when BARCC was founded. Few media outlets wrote about sexual assault and when they did, the language is rudimentary and lacks nuance—a direct reflection of the fact that up until the rape crisis center movement of the 1970s, U.S. society… Read More

Historic Highlights: Formalizing BARCC’s Youth Initiative

BARCC’s work with youth began with the founding. From the beginning, teenagers called the hotline and volunteers held workshops and speaking engagements at schools. But the formalization of the youth initiative didn’t come until later. One of the first regularly occurring youth programs was a class at a school in Chelsea around 2008. Steph… Read More

What Do I Say? How to Support Survivors

The first time disclosing—the term we use for telling a friend, family member, or doctor that someone assaulted you—is a big deal. How that person responds can significantly influence  whether a survivor seeks further services: poor responses can retraumatize a person and delay their journey to healing. That’s the thinking behind… Read More

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Media: Massachusetts Activists Fight Battle for Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools

This week, the Rainbow Times reported on the status of the Healthy Youth Act, which would "mandate that public school districts offering sex education curricula expand their courses to provide more in-depth information on a range of issues related to sex, relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexually transmitted… Read More

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Statement: BARCC Responds to Senate Ways and Means Committee Budget

Statement by Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Executive Director Gina Scaramella on Senate Ways and Means Committee Recommended Funding of Sexual and Domestic Violence Support and Services“We are pleased that the Senate Ways and Means Committee recognizes the critical role played by community-based organizations in the Commonwealth’s health… Read More

Letter: Teaching Wisely

BARCC Executive Director wrote a letter to the editor at the Boston Herald to thank them for their coverage of the Healthy Youth Act, which 'would require any public school district in Massachusetts that offers sexuality education to use a medically accurate and age-­appropriate curriculum that includes discussion of healthy relationships.'… Read More

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Youth Leadership Corps: Sexual Violence Takes Many Forms

Last year, BARCC's Youth Leadership Corps (YLC) thought up a series of PSA videos that address youths' role in the mission to end sexual violence. They've worked on those videos with the Tranformative Culture Project: creating story boards, writing scripts, and even acting. The latest video, "Sexual Violence Takes Many Forms," portrays everyday… Read More

Speak Up, Speak Out against Sexual Violence

This post shares the experience of Ali, a survivor who has used BARCC’s medical advocacy, hotline, and legal advocacy services. *Content note: sexual violence. Ali is a singer, songwriter, and recent college graduate. Two years ago, another student sexually assaulted her. They’d been talking for a few weeks, and he offered to bring her dinner… Read More

Massachusetts State House Dome

Statement: BARCC Responds to House Ways and Means Recommended Funding

Executive Director Gina Scaramella on House Ways and Means Committee Recommended Funding of Sexual and Domestic Violence Support and Services“We’re pleased that the House Ways and Means Committee recognizes the vital role played by community-based organizations providing services to survivors of sexual and domestic assault and… Read More

After Years of Isolation, a Survivor Finds Hope and Strength

The following post shares the experience of Cory, a survivor who has called BARCC’s hotline, has come to BARCC for counseling, and serves as a Survivor Speakers Bureau volunteer. Content note: sexual violence. Fifteen years ago, Cory was assaulted. Twice. Within seven months. The aftermath left him feeling angry and isolated.   The first… Read More

A BARCC staffer speaks at a peaceful demonstration at the Massachusetts State House

BARCC Joins State House Demonstration to Make Every Voice Heard

Today, we will join the Every Voice coalition in a peaceful demonstration at the State House to request passage of two bills that, if enacted, would increase the safety of students and staff studying and working at colleges and universities. House bill 4159 would require every Massachusetts college and university to administer an anonymous sexual assault… Read More

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How Do You Embrace Your Voice?

As we head into Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), we’re excited to launch a new resource for survivors and invite you to several BARCC community events this April! The SAAM theme this year is “Embrace Your Voice.” For some that might mean speaking publicly as a survivor, and for others it might mean deciding not to share your… Read More

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We’re Coming to Waltham

Additional BARCC Office to OpenWe’re excited to announce that BARCC will be opening a new office in Waltham. The office, which will be located in the Moody Street area, will offer survivors of sexual violence in the MetroWest communities with a closer-to-home option for in-person support. Survivors and their loved ones will be able to talk through… Read More

Lindsay, a former hotline volunteer, at a recent Champions for Change Gala & Auction

What I Learned From the BARCC Hotline

The following post was written by Lindsay Laguna, a former BARCC hotline volunteer. A few months ago, I made the difficult decision to stop volunteering as a hotline counselor for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center’s 24-7 hotline. Around the time of my two-year anniversary with BARCC, changes in my life had made it impossible to continue volunteering.… Read More

Press Release: The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Marks Its 45th Anniversary

Later this month, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) will mark its official 45th anniversary of serving survivors of sexual assault and educating the public. Throughout its anniversary year, BARCC is hosting public events, workshops, and online discussions about how to support survivors and change the culture to end sexual violence. “The… Read More

Inch by Inch, I Have Reclaimed Myself

Kalie Wilkerson delivered this speech at the 2017 Champions for Change Gala & Auction. It has been edited for length. Content note: sexual violence. When I was 19 years old, I fell in love for the first time. I was also 19 the first time I was raped. Unfortunately both of those firsts were with the same person. When we met, he was charming. He was… Read More

A group of professionals work on a project at the BARCC Summer Institute

Press Release: In Midst of #MeToo, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Announces Fourth Summer Institute

The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center has opened applications for its fourth Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Summer Institute. The institute is a 40-hour training, June 18–22, in which participants develop skills for preventing and responding to sexual violence. The progressive methods taught in the institute are increasingly relevant in… Read More

Facebook Live: BARCC at 45 and Beyond

In January, BARCC staffers and friends held a Facebook Live panel to discuss ending sexual violence in the age of #MeToo. Executive Director Gina Scaramella, Youth Clinical Outreach Coordinator Ashley Slay, and one of BARCC’s founders, Janet Yassen, talked about how the narrative around ending sexual violence and supporting survivors has changed… Read More

Members of the Youth Leadership Corps YLC at 2017 Walk for Change

When You Walk, You Support Services that Change Lives

When you participate in BARCC’s Walk for Change—as a walker or by giving money to a walker—you’re investing in free life-saving services for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, and their families, friends, and communities. This includes the following: Case Management: We work directly with survivors and significant others… Read More

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It’s Not a Moment, It’s a Movement

It’s hard to believe that the recent #MeToo movement began only four months ago. I was on call for the BARCC hotline the first week that #MeToo started trending in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein case going public. Many of us saw our timelines flooding with stories of harassment, abuse, and assault. This can be overwhelming to take in and process… Read More