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Media: Massachusetts Activists Fight Battle for Comprehensive Sex Education in Schools

This week, the Rainbow Times reported on the status of the Healthy Youth Act, which would "mandate that public school districts offering sex education curricula expand their courses to provide more in-depth information on a range of issues related to sex, relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexually transmit Read More

After Years of Isolation, a Survivor Finds Hope and Strength

The following post shares the experience of Cory, a survivor who has called BARCC’s hotline, has come to BARCC for counseling, and serves as a Survivor Speakers Bureau volunteer. Content note: sexual violence. Fifteen years ago, Cory was assaulted. Twice. Within seven months. The aftermath left him feeling angry and isolated.   The fi Read More

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10 Book Recommendations from Our Staff and Supporters

Has a book ever moved you to action or changed the way you think? Do you have a well-worn novel that makes you feel less alone? Many of our staff, volunteers, and supporters can point to such a book (or two!). Books can break silences, help to heal traumas, and shed light on someone else’s experience. National Read a Book Day was this month: Read More

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Support All Survivors: March with BARCC at Boston Pride!

Acknowledging survivors as whole people is an important part of supporting their healing journey. As a member of the BARCC community, you have demonstrated your support for all survivors in a number of ways. From showing up at the Women’s March for America to participating in legislative advocacy for youth, immigrant, and housing ju Read More

Marching for America in Boston and Beyond

On January 21, the Women’s March will unite communities across our nation to rise up against hate, intolerance, and acts of violence affecting so many people. Survivors of sexual violence have been a specific target and especially affected. The words we live by here at BARCC—dedicated to healing, advocating for change—feel more po Read More

Positive Community Responses: Giving Options Rather Than Limitations

Often, survivors of sexual violence and specific groups of people, such as women or LGBQT* folks, are told to limit their movement and interactions with the world and society in order to be safe.  For instance, they may be told to avoid certain neighborhoods or walking alone at night, lest they be targeted for violence.  Women are told to Read More

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere: How DOMA, SB5, and VRA are interrelated

There’s a lot to celebrate from the past couple of days.  In case you’ve been under a rock and missed the news: DOMA and Prop 8 were deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.  Additionally, the Texas SB5 was effectively filibustered (for more than 11 hours by one woman) so that it did not come to a vote which prevented the Read More

Boy Scouts voting on allowing open gay youth: A step that is just not far enough

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are having an overdue vote at a conference today and tomorrow.  They will be voting as to whether to allow openly gay youth to be in their troops across the country.  Previously the ruling was that each troop was able to make its own decision about whether to include or disclude openly gay youth.  Real Read More