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Media: Asia Argento is Not the #MeToo Movement

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After a report was made public that Asia Argento—an actress and director who was one of the first people to publicly report that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her—sexually assaulted an actor and musician, the Boston Globe reported on the impact to the #MeToo movement. BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella said in an interview with the Globe that there's still work to do in expanding the movement to include people who don't fit in the general public's view of a sexual assault survivor. 

Excerpt: “People have this one-dimensional view of survivors, that they’re anointed and never do anything wrong,” says Gina Scaramella, executive director of Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. “But people are complex. Survivors are complex."

Read the full story, "Asia Argento is not the #MeToo movement," online at the Boston Globe website

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Posted by Taylor Rapalyea

Taylor Rapalyea
Taylor Rapalyea serves as BARCC's marketing and communications coordinator. She helps implement communications plans, creates content, and provides support for organizational communications, all to further public knowledge of BARCC's mission and services. Taylor brings four years of local news reporting and editing to BARCC, and has worked at Patch News, the Salem News, and the Gloucester Daily Times. She learned video reporting and editing at the Boston Herald, and served as editor of the Simmons Voice while studying journalism and public relations at Simmons College.

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