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#Bark4BARCC at the Walk for Change

Two people holding a corgi in a BARCC bandana against a backdrop with the BARCC logo on it

Walk for Change participants are greeted at the park every year by BARCC staff and volunteers, their fellow walkers, and a lot of happy dogs.

One of those dogs is Daisy Monsoon, a bright-eyed corgi who first took on the 2.6-mile loop four years ago. Daisy’s person, Madeline Brodt, heard about the Walk from a friend and BARCC hotline volunteer. After checking out the Walk for herself (and applying to volunteer with BARCC!), Madeline decided to bring Daisy.

“Her little legs are so short, so I was worried about her tiring out on me,” said Madeline. “She also loves people a little too much sometimes, wanting to say hi to everyone. She did great!”

Daisy got to meet a lot of excited walkers, play with other dogs, get treats from BARCC volunteers, and hit up the dog watering stations along the walk route! Madeline modified a BARCC T-shirt for Daisy to wear with her bandana, which Daisy proudly sports every year. 

Daisy is one of 25 dogs registered so far for the Walk this year. You can register your dog on the Walk for Change website. We ask that you keep dogs on their leashes for the duration of the walk.

“Sometimes activism can feel isolating, but seeing these hundreds of people take a day off to do something like this, it feels like you're part of a community in a different way,” said Madeline. “It is so touching to be able to see this giant crowd of people in person gathered together to fight sexual violence, that we're all going to walk for this together.”

Register for the Walk for Change today to join Daisy and Madeline in the mission to end sexual violence!

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Posted by Taylor Rapalyea

Taylor Rapalyea
Taylor Rapalyea serves as BARCC's marketing and communications coordinator. She helps implement communications plans, creates content, and provides support for organizational communications, all to further public knowledge of BARCC's mission and services. Taylor brings four years of local news reporting and editing to BARCC, and has worked at Patch News, the Salem News, and the Gloucester Daily Times. She learned video reporting and editing at the Boston Herald, and served as editor of the Simmons Voice while studying journalism and public relations at Simmons College.

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  1. Daisy is the cutest activist! Is she a "nasty" dog? I can see she persists!

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