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Media: Senate Confirms Legislation Ramping up University Sexual Assault Policies

The Daily Free Press, Boston University's independent student newspaper, spoke with BARCC's Advocacy and Legislative Affairs Manager Katia Santiago-Taylor about a new bill that passed the State Senate last week. The legislation, passed unanimously on Thursday, requires higher education institutions to strengthen their policies on sexual… Read More

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A Record-Setting Show of Support at the Champions for Change Gala

Nearly 700 BARCC supporters, volunteers, and staff showed up for survivors this past Friday at our annual Champions for Change Gala & Auction. In addition to a rousing live auction, the evening featured a moving speaking program celebrating the strength of survivors as well as the holistic nature of BARCC’s services and advocacy. As national… Read More

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Media: Rape Crisis Center Reaches out after #MeToo

The Hungtinton News spoke with BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella and Northeastern student and hotline volunteer Danielle Dottor to talk about the #MeToo campaign and what students should know about Title IX and resources for survivors of sexual violence.  Excerpt: “A campus that really runs around the fraternity culture is going… Read More

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Media: Gina Scaramella Named ‘Badass Chick of the Week’

BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella was named Amp 103.3 Radio's "badass chick of the week," and went on the show to talk about her work with BARCC.  Excerpt: "What I love so much about [working at BARCC] is being able to hear from so many survivors, really learning from all those experiences, and making changes on the policy… Read More

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Media: Controversy Over Kevin Spacey Accusation and Response

Earlier this week, actor Kevin Spacey responded to reports that he sexually abused a minor by apologizing and coming out as a gay man. BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella went on Greater Boston to discuss the controversy.  Excerpt: "I do think this is a moment, but I also see how this plays out in many other settings. I think sometimes we… Read More

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Media: Legislative Leaders Say They’ve Dealt with Sexual Harassment Complaints

After reports of sexual harassment at the Massachusetts State House came to light in a recent Boston Globe column, BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella spoke with State House News Service about the culture of tolerance for sexual harassment and assault on Beacon Hill.  Excerpt: “To create a safe workplace for all, legislative… Read More

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BARCC Response to Reports of Sexual Harassment on Beacon Hill

Last week, the Boston Globe reported on multiple incidents of sexual harassment experienced by women who work on Beacon Hill. The report came after similar stories have been made public by women who work in both California and Rhode Island’s state legislatures. Boston Area Rape Crisis Center Executive Director Gina Scaramella issued the following… Read More

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It’s About More than Vacations

Self-Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence Did you find yourself overwhelmed or triggered by the social media avalanche of #MeToo? Are you feeling stressed by work, neverending to-do lists, and chores? Sounds like it’s time for some self-care. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to book a fancy vacation or trip to the spa. Some people… Read More

The Basics of Title IX

What is Title IX? Title IX is a federal civil rights law, created in 1972 to protect equal access to education in schools that receive federal funding. Title IX governs sex discrimination and is applicable to all sexes and genders.  The purpose of Title IX is to ensure equal access to education; any actions taken by a school under Title IX are… Read More

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Media: What Advocates Can Learn From the Successes—and Shortcomings—of #MeToo

The Mary Sue interviewed BARCC Executive Director Gina Scaramella to discuss the successes and shortcomings of #MeToo. In the piece, Gina and author Tori Bilcik reflect on the challenges of the social media movement and how organizers can do better.  Excerpt: “I hope we all can support people who are not participating,” she… Read More