When You Listen

When you talk about rape - when you run the scalpel down your scar, when you peel away your armor, when you stand and say, this happened, this happens every day, this is happening right now - When you say this is the culture that lets this happen, this is the broken world, this is a thousand eyes turned away, because to see and not take action is monstrous,… Read More

Exciting Readings from around the Tubes

So I'm a bit tired this morning after spending six or seven hours baking in the sun yesterday watching a whole lot of other people run 26 miles. Considering that I wasn't running, I sure forgot how much effort it is to stand around, clap a bunch, eat hot dogs, and wander up and down Beacon Street. My feet were killing me. So, with that being the case,… Read More

Actually, Yeah. It’s Rape.

This Saturday, a particularly ominous topic starting trending on Twitter - #itaintrape. “Comedian” Lil Duval kicked it off by tweeting “#itaintrape if u naked of Yo Twitter profile pic”, “#itaintrape if I’m paying child support”, “Lmao RT @MrCashFanatic: @lilduval #itaintrape if she doesn’t remember… Read More

Keeping Perspective

Happy Monday! To those readers who came out to support the Walk for Change yesterday, thank you! The walk was great - we got a ton of people and BARCC raised a lot of money. The weather was appropriately deferential to the occasion, and I got a sweet sunburn. The BARCC development team did a fine, fine job on this event; +10 social justice XP for them.… Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Survivor Speakers Bureau

“My name is Shira,” I say. “And sixteen years ago, when I was twenty years old, I was raped.” The audience is a high school class, an auditorium of college students at a Take Back the Night event, a police department, a group of BARCC volunteers in training. The speech changes with every audience - obviously, the cops get a different… Read More

More Rape Culture

Every morning I commute to work on a bus going to a hospital, and this morning, I was reading when I tuned in to a couple of the guys sitting in the back. They looked like they might be students. I didn't quite get the whole conversation, but I did hear a couple of lines. One of the guys was asking the other two guys in a sort of joking way about how… Read More

The Clothesline Project

A week from today, the atrium of South Station will be filled with hundreds of shirts made by survivors of sexual violence, their families, and their loved ones. Each shirt represents the maker’s experience of rape, sexual assault, or child sexual abuse. You can see a selection of the shirts here. The Clothesline Project is an intensely powerful… Read More

PAX East Does Community Right

This year, Penny Arcade Expomade its first appearance on the east coast, and that I meant I didn't have to pony up $600 to fly out to Seattle. Hooray! Gaming: it was on. I was a little nervous before I actually got to the convention – my only other real con experience has been Games Day in Baltimore, the corporate self-celebratory world of… Read More

Save SANE!

In November, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program faced a $1 million budget cut and was almost dismantled. The day was saved at the last minute, but the program is once again in danger - and we need your help. What is SANE? The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program trains and funds nurses who are contacted whenever a survivor reaches a designated… Read More

Basic Bystander Action

I used to hang around with this dude in college, way before I had discovered feminism or gender justice as a concept, who I thought even then had seriously messed up views about women. We did a radio show together for a while and on good nights, we'd hang out at one of the school grills and joke about how much sex we weren't having. On more than a couple… Read More