Action time!

The following is excerpted from a call to action by our executive director, Gina Scaramella. Please do take a moment to make a call! Sexual assault and domestic violence services face significant budget cuts unless the U.S. Senate takes action soon!  We need your help with one more round of calls and emails to make sure that local programs can… Read More

Gotta do the work

It appears this past week has been a good one on the internet for self-reflection.  Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown, as always, rocked the casbah with her article about taking a deeper look at ourselves, especially within the context of social justice movements, which can prize doctrinal purity over…truth?  Hard work?  Ugly situations? … Read More

Friday Link Roundup!

Dave’s slammed at work and has been paying more attention to soccer than rape culture this week; I spent the first hour of my day fixing the server and am still twitchy, and my own focus on rape culture has been diluted by packing and sending my teenage daughter to a foreign country for the first time.. Hi. How’s by you? We hope you don’t… Read More

Patriarchy and the Force

Quick disclaimer: I had this awesome, tortured metaphor post that I planned to write today, and I’m still going to try to do it, but the US Men’s National soccer team just won probably the most dramatic game it’s ever played, scoring a 91st minute goal against Algeria and sending us to the round of 16 in the World Cup for just the… Read More

Accepting Normal

I ran a panel at a feminist science fiction convention a few weeks ago. The entire panel deserves a writeup - it went wonderfully, we covered so much, and we got to go beyond 101, which is a thing I don’t get to do nearly enough. It brought up a bunch of topics that I’ll be parceling out here over the next few weeks. What I wanted to talk… Read More

New Volunteer Training!

Last week, BARCC held one of its two weeklong summer trainings. Part of my job at BARCC is organizing said trainings, which is big and complex and why you haven’t seen me on the blog as much! And I’m about to start planning the next training. Whee! BARCC’s trainings are awesome. They’re 40 hours of intense education - you’ll… Read More

Sexual Assault in the LGBTQ community

Good morning good people!  Happy Pride, to those of you who went this weekend to the parade and festivities - hope you weren’t washed away by our wonderful weather.  I wasn’t able to make it to pride myself, but I was at the Dyke March on Friday night, which was a pretty sweet experience, both because the dykes on bikes gave the… Read More

Fight the Lions

Sorry for the late post, folks!  Today’s glory is a guest post from another of our awesome volunteers, Caroline! I don’t remember formally learning what “rape” meant.  The first time I heard the word “rape,” I was six years old, with my parents as they watched the news.  The anchor said that a woman… Read More

My Body Is Not Your Property

I knit on the bus. It’s a great way to use what would otherwise be pretty dead time; I’m busy enough that the idea of wasting any usable time makes me twitchy. Plus, knitting isn’t just a productive thing for me; I find it very pleasant in a tactile way. I could rhapsodize about merino/bamboo/silk blends for paragraphs, but that’s… Read More

Gender Branding

Anyone with a background in marketing or advertising has learned about branding: the “personality of a product, service or company and how it relates to key constituencies: Customers, Staff, Partners, Investors etc” (thank you, Wikipedia).  The vast majority consumer products are branded - they are sold to us through a combination of… Read More