Alcohol Doesn’t Rape

A couple of initial items today!  First, vote for BARCC in the Stay Classy Awards!  BARCC’s been nominated for a whole bunch of different things, including charity of the year and best use of social media.  I’m not saying that last nomination is entirely due to what Shira and I write here, but I’m basically saying that. … Read More

Stay Classy!

In my last post, I exhorted you to vote for BARCC in the Classy Awards - I’m happy to report that we won in all three categories! We’ve now progressed to the national awards, and we need your help more than ever. We’re going up against some big charities here, and the stakes are high - $25,000 in one category and $10,000 in another.… Read More

Being a straight guy doesn’t make any sense

When was the last time you got two messages that contradicted each other, and you weren’t sure which one was right?  I’m talking seriously at-odds messages, like “don’t run out into the middle of a four lane road, you’ll get hit by a car!” on one hand, and “the E line stops right in the middle of a four… Read More

Patriarchy City Planning

Get ready for an unreasonably long post!  This is what law school does to my brain! National Coming Out Day was this Monday.  The rash of suicides among LGBT youth in 2010 made this particularly poignant this year.  Aside from the anger I felt about the bigotry and madness of the people who pushed those kids into suicide, Coming Out Day… Read More

Exciting times at BARCC!

BARCC has been up to so much lately - which has unfortunately led to less blogging! But we’re trying to get on track. Here’s some of the excitement! We just launched a new website! SurviveRape.Org is a guide to forensics for survivors. It has a tremendous amount of resources to help survivors make their decisions regarding medical treatment,… Read More

Make It Better

A number of you have probably already heard of Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project, a series of video clips from gays and lesbians and their straight friends and family from across the country to let young LGBT youth know that bullying in middle and high school does eventually get better.  From Savage’s Savage Love column:… Read More

Quick Hit

Cool article showed up yesterday on, about city councilor Ayanaa Pressley and her conversation with a pimp.  I didn’t have time to really dig into it too much, but it is an indication of our world right now: Ms. Pressley, a city councilor, is approached by a man who sells women for money.  That he did so, at all, shows that… Read More

Pipeline from Masculinity to Rape

When I was in high school, I played on my school’s illustrious soccer team.  I think we managed to lose every single game in my freshman year, but we improved over time.  By my senior year, we had compiled our best record in a decade in our division: 4-12, going 0-10 against teams actually in our division.  Due to chronic lack of… Read More

Masculinity - what is it good for?

Sorry I’ve been a little absent, folks - I promise that once things calm down at school and I realize what I’ve gotten myself into, the regular Monday posting will resume as usual.  In the adjustment period, though, I might be a little more sporadic on account of I’m not sure where I am of what’s going on in the world. What… Read More

Words from a perpetrator

Sorry I’ve been a little absent, all - just started law school on Monday and I’m trying to get my sea legs.  It’s gonna take a little while before I figure out where I am and what I’m doing with myself as a student again, but in the meantime, this particular item caught my eye.  Many thanks to Leah for sending it my… Read More