Rape Culture and Road Rage

Today we have an amazing guest post from a good friend of mine, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein of Rensselaer County SACVAP. I met Catt and her husband at a panel on gender politics in fandom at a local science fiction convention in early 2009; we hit it off instantly. I was thrilled and unsurprised when, seeing how much I love BARCC, they signed up to become… Read More

How You Can Help

Yes, you! I was going to post about our volunteer program today; we just did the information and interview sessions for prospective volunteers for our June training, so I’m particularly excited about the volunteer program right now. :) But there happens to be something time-sensitive that we need your help on. The below text is from Senator Cynthia… Read More

Exciting Events Coming Up

Our good readers!  I hope you had spectacular weekends, all!  I, for one, most certainly did!  As a result of the goodness of my weekend, I am a bit tired, but in a good way!  I do not have particularly deep thoughts on the nature of rape culture this morning, but do not fret, for I have other exciting things to send your direction,… Read More

Foley is Good

We held the first of two information and interview sessions for prospective volunteers Wednesday. Part of the session is an icebreaker activity, where you answer a question about yourself (questions helpfully provided on little slips of paper by yours truly). I went first; mine was “tell us something about you that we could not tell just by looking… Read More

Abuse is abuse, no matter where it comes from

Hat-tip to Snoopy for alerting me to this story this morning. The more I learn about abuse and abusers, the more I see similarities across a broad spectrum of stories.  This is valuable to me because, as someone who cares about ending sexual violence and abuse, the more I’m able to recognize the signs of abusive relationships, the more I’ll… Read More

Guest Post: Rethinking the Word Accuser

Today we have a special guest post from one of our fabulous medical advocates, Kelly! Lately, it seems my world as a rape crisis counselor and my boyfriend’s world as an avid sports fan have collided.  I have been known to suffer through a Bruins game or Sportscenter episode in the spirit of compromise, but lately my other half has not had… Read More

What We Can Learn from UVA

I really need to stop watching the Today show while I get ready for work in the mornings. Occasionally, I’ll pick up some good tips, like the one about almond milk as a delicious lactose substitute (thanks, Al Roker!), but more often than not, particularly with stories related to sexual and domestic violence, I end up seething with rage and shouting… Read More

The potential of the internet

This article over at The Sexist made me...hopeful? Not excited, but perhaps optimistic. Optimistic that, even when it seems like all of our major social institutions designed to ensure justice, or at least safety, completely fail to understand the epidemic that rape is, there are courageous survivors using different methods to bring attention to the… Read More

Prison Rape is Not a Laughing Matter

It’s time to talk about an unpopular topic - namely, prison rape. In a way, this is the last frontier; people who would never dream of making any other kind of rape joke feel totally fine laughing and saying “don’t drop the soap!” People who wouldn’t dream of advocating any other sort of rape will openly say “I hope… Read More

Disclosures and Silencing

I got a disclosure this weekend from a friend on the way to a party. I wasn't expecting it at all. I had made a quick off-handed joke about my work at BARCC during our walk over to the bar, and next thing I knew, I was hearing some intensely personal stories. Thankfully, BARCC has trained me well for situations like these, and I have a decent toolset… Read More