Self-care in the holiday season and beyond

When doing rape crisis work – or other crisis services –  one of the phrases you become very familiar with ‘self-care’.   We’re reminded on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that we should be doing regular forms of self-care for ourselves and recommending it to others –significant others, survivors, and… Read More

Victim Blaming

I can say with 100% certainty that society has come a long way since the rape crisis movement started in how people view victim blaming. During trainings and workshops, many people support the idea that victims should never be blamed for an assault. However, within that same mindset there are subtle (and not so subtle) phrases and words that show we… Read More

Spotlight on the Survivor Speakers Bureau

I have had the immense pleasure and honor over the past year to work with the fabulous members of the Survivor Speakers’ Bureau (SSB) here at BARCC.  This is a group of 17 dedicated, enthusiastic, and fantastic speakers.  As can be expected, their experiences with sexual violence are as varied as they are.  What is similar between… Read More

The Gala is Fast Approaching!

I was one of the lucky people yesterday who did not have to go to work because of Hurricane Sandy.  Good thing too, because the T ended up closing early and that is my primary way of getting to and from the office.  However, while I was sitting at home watching bad TV, checking FB statuses to make sure friends were safe, and constantly checking… Read More

The Creative Expression of Survivors

I have worked in the field of anti-sexual violence in some capacity or another for the past six years.  Some of that has been doing direct services work: hotline, medical advocacy, case management and other portions of my work have been more focused on prevention and awareness and community outreach.  Regardless of the role that I am filling,… Read More

The Fear That Our Communities Will Fail Us

Yesterday, Angie Epifano wrote an account of her experiences with her school following her sexual assault at Amherst College, a small, elite liberal arts college in Western Massachusetts. Thank you to Angie for the power and weight of your words, and sharing the truth of your experience. Thank you also to our colleagues at the rape crisis center that… Read More

DTR: What Does Sexual Violence Prevention Look Like?

In some relationships there is always the point where you have to sit down and have the “the talk.” We all have different feelings about “the talk,” but it’s when you sit down and DTR: define the relationship, or who you want to be. Are we just friends? Are we more than friends? Where is this relationship going? What do… Read More

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is here! That means fall, foliage, pumpkins, candy, costumes, brisk temperatures, races, and of course…domestic violence awareness and prevention programs!!  Domestic violence is very prevalent within every community and society overall.  It can take a variety of different forms including physical, emotional, verbal, financial,… Read More

Venting about the News….again

I typically find it really hard to keep up with a lot of what happens in the news.  I don’t have any form of cable or basic channels so I can’t have the news on in the background as I get ready for work.  I try to reduce the amount of paper I create in the world and therefore the Globe does not appear on my doorstep.  I bike… Read More

Responses to the BU Task Force

There has been a lot of chatter and response pieces in regards to the BU Task Force about the hockey team. Below are two responses that I would like to share.  The first is published by the BU Free Daily Press and written by a BARCC hotline volunteer, Ali, who is also a previous student at BU.  The second one is by Gina, our Executive Director,… Read More