The Rise of Sexting

Not too long ago, I went to a workshop on sexting in Middlesex it was titled: Building a Prevention Framework to Address Teen Sexting Behaviors-wanting to be hip and cool I decided to go since I work with teens and I needed to learn whatever I could about them.  Not fully understanding what sexting was, I went ready to learn about this new world… Read More

VA Proposed Legislation Effects on Survivors

There are days when I wake up and feel completely rejuvenated in the world and believe that we are making significant progress in providing services to survivors to sexual assault and nudging society away from myths and victim blaming and towards real information on sexual violence and prevention efforts. There are so many people who put in an effort… Read More

Condeming Liz Trotta’s Reaction to Military Sexual Assault Response Program

This weekend was a mess of disappointing news and clips for anti-sexual violence creators.  If you haven't read Meg's blog post about Weiss and Barstool sports, you should definately check it out.  On another note, Fox news featured Liz Trotta in one of the segments to talk about new proposed legislation to allow women in more frontline… Read More

Rape Joking Our Way to Social Change?

Background: Barstool Sports is a site whose commentary has always included such charming features as “Rate the Latest Sex Scandal Teacher”. Barstool has been hosting blacklight parties at various venues nationally, which they’ve christened “Blackout Parties”. Upon criticism, David Portnoy, the site’s creator and chief… Read More

The Dangeous Effects of ‘Honest Rape’

In a recent interview between CNN’s Piers Morgan and Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul, the following exchange took place: MORGAN: You have two daughters. You have many granddaughters. If one of them was raped -- and I accept it's a very unlikely thing to happen -- but if they were, would you honestly look at them in the eye and… Read More

Op-ed Defriending My Rapist

**Trigger warning - the link below contains a description of a rape that may be triggering. Read with caution. In the New York Times last week there was a very brave article entitled "Defriending My Rapist." You can and should read the article for yourself at the Opinionator, but the gist of it is this: at the age of thirteen, the author was brutally… Read More