Get it Straight: It’s Rape and not “Sleep Sex”

The Star, one of Canada and Toronto’s largest online news sources recently published the following question in their Ellie’s Advice column: Q: My husband said that while I was fast asleep one night he had intercourse with me. He thinks it’s acceptable since I’m his wife. I feel it’s almost the same as rape. It’s my… Read More

Fashion for BARCC

A new t-shirt was designed exclusively BARCC by the women-owned apparel company, Mer+ge.  Mer+ge works to promote self-expression and unity through their clothing designs.  The company wants to create “political, social, and biological messages to demonstrate that gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc are things that do not… Read More

Musings on the Response to UVM’s “Rape Survey” Story

If you read this blog regularly, or at all, I think you may also already have heard of the “Rape Survey” story at the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Chapter on UVM’s (University of Vermont) campus in Burlington, Vermont. In case you haven’t, here’s a rundown of what’s going on: last weekend, a student went to university… Read More

Blame it on the Rapist

NOTE: this blog post is about a particular type of male-to-female sexual assault. In it, I explore why societal messages directed mostly at straight, cisgendered men and women are one of the most effective tools for promoting this kind of assault. By it’s nature then, this is a pretty heteronormative post, so please treat this as full disclosure,… Read More