BARCC Speakers

Invite BARCC to speak at your school, agency, organization, workplace, or place of worship. Speakers are either BARCC staff or community volunteers. Speakers from BARCC’s Survivor Speakers Bureau also are available to go into the community to share their personal experiences with sexual violence - from the incident to the aftermath, to the road to recovery.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE ENGAGEMENTS FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL. If you are interested in scheduling an engagement for May 2016 or later in the year, just let us know! Thank you!

Download a listing of our current workshops and trainings.

BARCC can also work with you to develop a custom workshop, training, seminar, or presentation on any topic relating to sexual violence. Contact us so we can discuss your needs. 

“Inviting my friends and family to walk with me at the Walk for Change finally gave them something to do to show their support and care for me. ”

24-hour hotline: 800.841.8371

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